A niche consultancy with a social enterprise focus on creating successful change.

Redgrass’s focus is to empower organisations to tap into the talent they have in their people to deliver transformation
and change projects.

We have a range of products and services tailored to meet our client needs, we help build organisational capability in designing and implementing large scale change projects and programmes.

With a knack for storytelling and a strong facilitative style, Redgrass wants to help you be the change.

About Redgrass

Redgrass Communications Pty Ltd is a niche change organisation.  We work with clients to help transition their staff, stakeholders and audiences from an old state into a new paradigm. We primarily focus on public sector organisations and not for profits and we happily engage with the business world to bring new ideas on how to get change right for the people involved.

Our focus is on uplifting your capability to build organisational sustainability. We get on board with your organisation, learn about your people, their needs and what blocks them from success in creating change. We then develop a solution, based on our change impact assessment and training needs analysis, to help you move your people into your preferred state. We train your people along the way, with the goal to leave your organisation and people with new skills, a new outlook and increased motivation.

We work across technology, policy and business change transformations.

Our goal is to help the world change to be a better place.

Our services include:

  • Strategic positioning and alignment for both transformation and change project
  • Advising on stakeholder engagement, resistance and motivation
  • Developing and customising in-house training solutions
  • Building change communication strategies to support change project
  • Coaching emerging and existing leaders on change management, collaboration, people skills and strategy, and
  • Facilitating workshops, online forums and other collaboration exercises.

Our products include:

  • Convergence – an international change capability event held yearly in Australia – Melbourne April 2018
  • Collabor18 – a new event focused on building collaboration capability to be held in Canberra June 2018
  • Team Futures – a workshop series designed to unleash your teams potential, creating ownership and direction for the future, and
  • Mentoring – an in-house workshop series designed for organisations who want to invest in their people with their own experts.








Sonia Irwin

I engage leaders, emerging leaders, stakeholders and teams to create positive change for their organisations. I am passionate about learning, enjoy meeting people and using my strategic skills to create connections and build understanding to shape long term strategic and behavioural change.

I am an excellent communicator, with a strong background in communication research, design, facilitation and co-creation. My war cry is ‘be the change’ and I enjoy inspiring and collaborating with people that are stuck and need to move forward. I believe that people often know the right solution for them, however can be blocked from sharing due to confidence. I help clients with building insights into their problems and encourage problem understanding rather than going the easy way out to create quick solutions that don’t stick.

I focus on assessing unstated needs, surfacing the sticking points and building a shared focus to overcome people challenges. I am an introverted extrovert  (so James and I have fun!) with a high level of motivation and energy to inspire my clients towards meeting their ambitions. Creating positive velocity towards achieving targets is the name of my game.

James Young

I facilitate connections between individuals, teams and organisations for collaboration and innovation. I am an avid reader, networker and researcher, and am highly skilled at integrating ideas and concepts into practical workshops and ongoing projects to nurture creativity, foster growth and create long term strategic and behavioural change.

I am an excellent communicator and relish in sharing my knowledge to help people improve their resilience, develop strong internal and external relationships, and innovate policies and procedures.

I am also an introverted extrovert (loving research and engaging with people) with a dry, fun sense of humour and a lot of ambition. I am original in my thinking and adept at creating loyal relationships with colleagues and business partners.

Case Study:

Convergence Australia, a change management conference

Into its third year, Convergence Australia is fast gaining a name as the change management event to attend in the Asia Pacific.  With over 300 attendees to date, 10,000 website hits and stories popping up in a range of local, national and international forums, Convergence has developed a reputation for… 

Case Study:

Team Futures Workshop, creating group alignment and collaboration

We recently worked with a large government department that had a team of 30 or so professionals. The bulk of the team had been together for a long time, upwards of 10 years. Due to rapid changes in technology senior management had recruited specialists to assist the team with business as usual and to modernise some of the work…

Case Study:

Change Mentoring, building change capability

We were engaged to work on advisory services to a large government organisation that was undergoing significant business, system and organisational transformation. The project had been running for two years and was in the final stages of the funding and deliverables were not being met…

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Sonia Irwin
Mobile: 0423 878 226
Email: sonia@redgrass.com.au
James Young
Mobile: 0408 765 349
Email: james@redgrass.com.au
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